Biodiesel Pump Dealership In Jharkhand

Biodiesel Dealership

The demand for biodiesel is increasing and will continue to grow more in
the coming years because of its biodegradable and renewable nature. It is the
best alternative clean-burning fuel similar to conventional diesel. It is used
as a replacement for fossil diesel fuel and can also be mixed with petroleum
diesel fuel in any proportion.

So being a part of this energy source by applying for a biodiesel pump
dealership in Jharkhand and operating the own biodiesel pump or working as a
biodiesel super stockist with minimal effort can be a profitable business for
the individuals looking for a company with good returns.

Therefore today, we will discuss the requirements for applying for a
biodiesel dealership in Jharkhand or for being a super stockist, its eligibility
criteria and its benefits.

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Benefits As Partner

High ROI

Having a biodiesel franchise in Jharkhand of GE Biofuels gives you a chance to earn an alluring interest rate.

Multiple Earnings

You get a collective source of income by having a biodiesel pump dealership in Jharkhand with GE Biofuels

ISO 9001 Certified

You associate with an ISO 9001 certified company by having a biodiesel pump licence in Jharkhand with GE Biofuels.

Valuable Brand

You also get associated with an ultra-premium renewable fuel brand by having a biodiesel pump in Jharkhand.

What all we provide?

Another reasons to have a biodiesel Pump Distributorship in Jharkhand

Benefits of Biodiesel in Jharkhand: –

  • Biodiesel is a biodegradable and renewable Fuel.
  • It is safer to use and has low toxicity compared to fossil diesel fuel.
  • Biodiesel has a lower exhaust emission rate than regular diesel fuel.
  • Using biodiesel, you don’t require any diesel engine modification.
  • Biodiesel and its blends are used in almost all vehicles and diesel engines.
  • It is a carbon-neutral liquid, which means that the combustion of biodiesel never produces the net output of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide like other diesel fuels.
  • Biodiesel is also used in many commercial & domestic boilers as heating fuel.
  • Biodiesel has high oxygen content and helps complete fuel combustion, resulting in enhanced mileage.

Documents and Requirement for Biodiesel Pump Dealership in Jharkhand

Applying for a biodiesel pump dealership in Jharkhand with GE Biofuels requires very little documentation. So, operating your own biodiesel dealership in Jharkhand is easy and trouble free.

Area Required
Minimum 30x30 metre
The land documentation should be diverted into commercial use.
Company or Firm
GST number and Pan Card
Pan card and Aadhaar card copy
Bank Account
Current account in the owner’s name
Required two passport size photographs of the owner

Eligibility Criteria for opening a biodiesel pump dealership in Jharkhand

Here are the eligibility criteria for the biodiesel pump agency in Jharkhand:
  • The individual should be an Indian citizen to have a biodiesel plant in Jharkhand.
  • The applicant’s age limit should be between 21 to 58 years of age to apply for a biodiesel pump dealership in Jharkhand.
  • The individual should be financially stable for having a biodiesel dealership in Jharkhand. The individual should have entrepreneurial traits for being a biodiesel supplier in Jharkhand.
  • The individual should also have a clear land title in a good location as it is essential for applying for a biodiesel pump dealership in Jharkhand.
Another Business Opportunity

Super Stockist

GE Biofuels is the leading biodiesel manufacturer in Jharkhand with broad hands in supplies to Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Bokaro and Ramgarh.

As we know, India is one of the fastest-growing economies, and energy is a critical input for its growth, especially in the transport sector. Petroleum-based fuels cater for the maximum requirement of transport fuels.

Only 20% of total demand is met by domestic crude oil production, while the rest is through imports. Moreover, crude oil is a limited resource, and it’s non-renewable and also responsible for the increase in pollution levels.

To tackle the multiple issues of increasing pollution, dependency on costly crude imports, and finding unlimited sources of energy, the Government of India is promoting biodiesel as a standalone or its blending with conventional diesel.

So, you can also become a part of this energy source by getting a super stockist position in the trending world. We provide good quality biodiesel with hassle-free services. We aim to expand our reach as much as possible by producing and supplying excellent services.

Requirement for biodiesel super stockist

To become a super stockist, you need to pre-plan everything, especially your strategies, area requirements, methods, and goals. However, at least you should know where and why you will set up this plant.

The land is the primary requirement to become a biodiesel super stockist, and it is mandatory to have a 2500 sq. area at least. The second thing is storage capacity, and you should have a 100000 liter—storage capacity to store a vast amount of fuel. 

The third most important thing is an investment. You need to invest 45-50 lakhs in becoming a super stockist, and this investment is a worthwhile price to get access to your bright future. And to become a successful super stockist, you should always aim to fulfil your buyer’s needs.

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About G-Energetic Biofuels Pvt Ltd

GE Biofuels is one of the best glycerine, bioethanol, and biodiesel manufacturers in Jharkhand with other chemicals of industrial use. It is ISO 9001 certified company and has many biodiesels production plants in Jharkhand.

We collect Used cooking oils (UCO) from the food industries and process them to produce eco-friendly biodiesel, which is a green energy source. We have skilled production units that run quality checks before beginning the manufacturing process to generate clean output. And so, our offering always meets BIS standards.

We also provide business solutions and complete technical support to our customers who wish to set up their own production unit. We focus on developing society into a green and clean place to live in. We aim to be the most trusted and best service provider in the Biofuel energy industry.



The cost of having a biodiesel pump dealership in Jharkhand is between Rs.15 to Rs.35 lakhs depending on the area you choose to open a biodiesel pump in Jharkhand.

The contact number of one of the best biodiesel pump dealerships in Jharkhand is 18002702090.

The biodiesel price in Jharkhand today is between Rs.91 to Rs.95.

There is no registration fee for applying for a biodiesel pump dealership in Jharkhand, and you only need to pay for a biodiesel pump licence fee in Jharkhand.