India would make mandatory for automakers to offer biofuel vehicles: Gadkari

India Would Make Biofuel Vehicle Manufacturing Mandatory

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said India would make it mandatory for auto manufacturers to offer vehicles running 100% on biofuels in the next six months.

This move will be environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the consumers, who are worried by the high prices of petrol and diesel, the minister said, pointing out that a litre of bioethanol will cost only Rs 65 whereas Rs 110 is paid for petrol. The alternative fuel is also less polluting and saves forex.

“We are committed to delivering vehicles with flex engine norms. We have made a decision; we will make it mandatory by which there will be a flex-engine,” Mr Gadkari said at an event hosted by brokerage Elara Capital.

“Within six months, we will give orders for making flex engines (mandatory),” he said; we have already ordered the states which have oil marketing companies offer bio-fuels at the same facilities as they are selling petrol and diesel.

There is surplus production of the crops like maize, corn, rice, sugar, etc., from which bioethanol is produced, so switching to alternative fuel is important for the country. It will also give a choice between petrol and bioethanol to the consumers by the minister.

He also added the minimum support price offered to the farmers for many of the crops is higher than its retail price or the one in international prices, making it necessary for diverting the harvest for the overall betterment of the country.


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