Initialization towards the green world

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The changing environment shows how it is important to switch to biofuels. The leading pollution not only harms our surroundings but also stretches the depletion hole of the ozone layer. So, to preserve the future change the present is the required thing.

However, the change doesn’t come in one night, It is a long way process. Being the well-wisher of our country we ( always try our best to promote this approach. We are dedicated to working towards green India.

Also, we are not alone in this regard. There are many more industries that are collaborating with big firms to give a more beneficial result. Praj industries collaboration with IOCl is the live example of it.

Also, countries like America are the example that development without damaging the environment is the need of the hour. According to the latest report of ANI, United airlines of America creates a history. The very first time they used biofuel to fill one of the tanks for the successful flight.

Furthermore, the fuel is made up of crops and waste products. In addition, it was 100% sustainable aviation fuel and also non-petroleum feedstock. The flight took off from O’Hare airport in Chicago to land off in Washington.

future of fuel

It is an inspiring approach for all the nations of the world. India is also one of the leading countries to promote the use of biofuel. There are so many projects who are either running or will take speed soon to use the biofuel combination. Also being an Indian firm we are always promoting our Country and its steps towards wellness.

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